A meaty issue 1 x 60' 


It destroys the environment, forces poor farmers off their land for soy crops and is bad for your health: meat. This film investigates whether the world's mushrooming appetite for cheap meat is growing out of control and the consequences of a growing population’s appetite for meat.

Most of us meat-eaters put the notion of slaughterhouses and mass meat production to the very back of our minds. Others don’t really care. Even less suspect the far-reaching consequences modern meat production has on a large scale. How- ever, if the average meat eater looked a little closer at the social, environmental and even political consequences our desire for meat has on other parts of the world, our appetite would soon fade.

The film will demonstrate why it has become important for the consumer all over world to think beyond their dinner plate, and come to the inevitable conclusion that we should all eat less meat.

Filmed in China, India, Europe and Africa this programme will not only highlight the problems but also take a look at the solutions being developed and future of mass meat production.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Berlin Producers Production for NDR and ARTE

YOP : 2012


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