Accidental Chef 8 x 30' 


Hosted by a funky chef, Melvyn Lee, Accidental Chef tells us everything we do not know about the cities through the very private kitchens of two different families in each of these cities. At each city, Melvyn befriends two vastly distinct local families. His mission is to learn the culture and cuisine of these different social groups, be inspired and prepare a special meal for his newfound friends.

The pairing families could be a royal household, versus a commoner family living in the common housing unit, or a tribal family in the forests, versus a urban household, or a private kitchen of a celebrity chef and so on...

At the end of the trip, Chef Melvyn creates new “fusion” dishes which are inspired by his latest local culinary encounters. He will then invite his new found friends from these two families to try out his creation. How would the two families react to Melvyn’s interpretation of local dishes? Could Melvyn strike a balance between dietary differences between the families?

Episodes : 8

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : An Ochre Pictures production for Channel News Asia in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore

YOP : 2010


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