Africa's Wild Wonders ( 30 x 5' )


The large, the truly wild, the beautiful... live here:  Africa.  

This red dusted earth filled with vibrant patterns of color living and breathing on its surface is where this continents inhabitants roam freely in search of food and water.  Shrinking riverbeds wait patiently for thick heavy clouds to drop their sustaining life force.

Elephants kick sand away and dig with their creamy tusks in search of that deeply held water reserve. As the sun dips to the edge of the horizon, African wild dogs further down the river bank have also found an oasis in the desert of the dry season. Research states that they are crepuscular and "rally" during this dawn/dusk time before a hunt, that may true but it's the dog that's stopped during all the running around to observe a crab in a puddle of water, curiosity too much.  Then a realization that his pack are further upstream splashing and jumping over each other in this ritualized bonding that he is no longer part of.  

This series looks at Africa's wild inhabitants they way they were meant to be seen, natural and free. Filmed in beautiful full definition HD from award winning filmmakers, these are Africa's Wild Wonders.


Episodes : 30

Runtime : 5 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A ScottdeBodFilms production

YOP : 2015


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