all things paper 6 x 30' 


A six-part series, All Things Paper is dedicated to “paper maestros” from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, England, Scotland and America. These “paper maestros” are constantly redefining the traditional usage of the humble paper and taking it one step further with their ingenuity and amazing visions.

All Things Paper takes us deep into the wonderful world of unusual paper contraptions and constructions. We will be constantly surprised by the ideas, creativity, imagination and craftsmanship of the “paper maestros”. They will demonstrate how paper is an integral piece of their work and life.

Find out for yourselves how tables, accordion-like chairs and honeycomb lamps can be fashioned out of paper. Jazz up your wardrobe with the latest runway pieces tailored from paper. Feast your eyes on a meal of gourmet paper dishes and much more.

Meet the amazing people behind these incredible paper creations on All Things Paper.

Episodes : 6

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Very! production for Channel News Asia

YOP : 2008


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