Australia Alive 24 x 7'


The beauty and wonder of the vast continent of Australia leaps off the screen in twenty-four fascinating interstitials.

Presented by quintessential Aussies, the Two Tims, Australia Alive splashes Australia’s diverse landscape, scintillating destinations, unique wildlife and iconic landmarks across the screen with compelling images. The Two Tims’ love of travel and country sees them open the heart of this great nation to reveal the lifeblood of the world’s largest continent. From the populated coasts to the remote outback, see what makes Australia tick.

Informative, fun, lively and fast-paced, Australia Alive features the Australia you love and the parts you want to discover.

Episodes : 24

Runtime : 7 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : A Grainger TV production in association with Australia Network

YOP : 2008


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