big cat odyssey 1 x 60' 


For some people, studying big cats is not just a hobby, but a life's work. Following award-winning filmmakers, and National Geographic Explorers in Residence, Dereck and Beverly Joubert on their 30-year-long quest to document the behaviour of big cats in Botswana, this film brings together three decades worth of material, including extraordinary footage of hunting lions, scavenging hyenas and stealthy leopards.

See firsthand the numerous changes that have led to dramatic decline of the lion population, and what needs to be done in order to ensure their survival. Live through some of the most extreme cat sequences ever captured on film. See a lion pride bring down a large buffalo, a blood feud erupt when scavenging hyenas move in on the kill and catch a glimpse of leopards who creep from the bushes to hunt and retreat into the trees before falling prey to larger killers.

Beyond the blood and gore lies a stark reality: Big cats kill to live and live to kill. Each bone in the field tells a story about a kill that they witnessed and every lion is an old friend. This odyssey has resulted in one of the greatest understanding of cats to date.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Wildlife Films Botswana production for National Geographic Channels

YOP : 2010


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