big mouth 1 x 60' 


A friendship springs up between a whale shark and a diver in a little fishing village in the Philippines. The village people, the city and environmental groups are in conflict over the appearance of these great fish.

Since the appearance of whale sharks in the waters of this once sleepy seaside village, many locals have turned to the emerging tourist industry for their livelihoods. From souvenir shops to diving tours allowing tourists to swim along side these magnificent creatures, there is little doubt their presence has benefited all.

However, when the whale sharks mysteriously stop coming, the villagers face an uncertain future. But unlike most in his community, our diver’s only concern is the wellbeing of his whale shark friend. As the diver anxiously awaits the return of his friend, he must also confront the realities of the poverty facing his village if the whale sharks never return.

This is a heart-warming story about nature and the environment through this special and unique bond between man and the world’s largest fish.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Monster Republic Production

YOP : 2013


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