boomtowners 6 x 60' 


Shelves are largely empty at one of the world’s busiest Walmarts. Appetites for Big Mac’s and Chicken McNuggets go unquenched at the local McDonald’s. At $20 an hour they can’t hire enough people to stay open. Hopes and dreams are realized or crushed in the modern epicenter of free market America. Hard work is handsomely rewarded, but this is no place for the weak.

These are some of the manifestations of the Bakken, a geological formation that contains one of the largest recoverable oil reserves on the planet. Technological advances have created a modern boom. The boom has created a 21st century wild west with bar fights replacing shootouts, drugs supplanting whiskey, and black gold more valuable than real gold. BOOMTOWNERS is the story of this peculiar region and its high stakes gamble on oil, told through the lives of its most unique and compelling characters. The actual challenges, stakes, transformations and sacrifices are showcased for each character resulting in unique story-lines throughout the series.

Episodes : 6

Runtime : 60mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Partners in Motion and Landmark co-production for Smithsonian Channel

YOP : 2015


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