Cambodia o.R 1 x 60' 


Cambodia - During nearly four years of Khmer Rouge genocide in the late 1970’s, nearly two million people died including a whole class of people, among them virtually all of the nation’s doctors. The country’s medical system, the education of physicians, was totally wiped out. More than 25 years after the Khmer Rouge were pushed to the far Western reaches of Cambodia, the medical profession is still working to rebuild itself. Among those trying to assist are a handful of foreign surgeons who have made Phnom Penh their home.

Cambodia O.R profiles the work of a fiery British-born, Irish-American physician who with his brusque manners and infectious laugh has won the hearts of quiet Cambodians in desperate need of surgery. Dr Jim Gollogly came to Cambodia, giving up an orthopaedic surgical practice in Alaska, in 1992. He set up the Children's Surgical Centre Phnom Penh. In caring for Cambodia’s poorest, Gollogly is joined by his son Sohrab, a surgeon from California, and Cambodian Doctor Ou Cheng Ngiep, who Gollogly describes as the best surgeon he has ever met. The patients who line up for surgery are as Sohrab Gollogly puts it among “the most challenging cases in the world.”

Cambodia O.R. offers a fascinating up close, personal, study of life in the Operating Room of Phnom Penh’s only free surgical centre.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : A Focus Asia production

YOP : 2009


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