Connected: how kevin bacon cured cancer 1 x 60' 


CONNECTED is a thought provoking examination of an amazing idea: that there might be a pervasive law which nature uses to organize itself.

We’ve all heard of “six degrees of separation”, the idea that everyone in the world can be connected in just few steps. But what if those steps don’t just relate to people but also to viruses, neurons, cancers, proteins and even to fashion trends? What if this “small world theory” allowed us an insight into something at the very core of Nature?

We used to think the way in which web pages, power grids and people tie together was more or less random. But recently a number of scientists working across varied realms have independently discovered that simple yet fundamental laws govern networks. It's a discovery that some are saying may prove as important as Newton's observations of gravity or Darwin's theory of evolution.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : An Essential Media & Entertainment production

YOP : 2009