coral sea dreaming 1 x 60' 


Coral Sea Dreaming enters into the very heart of life - and death - on a coral reef. It is a story that spans 500 million years and stars some of the most exotic and wonderous marine creatures on earth. Coral is the planet’s greatest natu- ral architect, and coral reefs boast the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem.

Filmed over a 7 year period, Emmy Award-winning cinematographer David Hannan gives a magnificent testimony to our extraordinary undersea world, set to an original score by Tania Rose. We meet thousands of reef inhabitants, from ancient turtles to feeding sharks; adorable pygmy seahorses and savage sea slugs; and witness a manta ray ballet and a courting octopus. Specialised state of the art high definition technology captures these lives with unprecendented intimacy, illustrating elaborate courtship displays, mating rituals, feeding frenzies, intense night-time predation, cannibalism and chemical warfare.

Many of the sequences have never been filmed before. Some may never be filmed again. Corals have survived 5 mass extinctions. But can they survive us?

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Plankton Production


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