crater of life 1 x 60' 


20 million years ago a massive fiery furnace erupted blackening the sky. This was the largest shield volcano of the prehistoric world. A massive dome of lava flowed 2000 metres high engulfing 5000 sq km of ancient lands. Spectacular lava flows spilled out as far as 100 km into the sea.

Millions of years of erosion created the largest crater in the southern hemisphere 32 kilometers in diameter. At its core stands the magnificent volcanic plug known as Mt Warning supporting one of Australia's most diverse habitats. Enter this ancient realm and it becomes a world of colour, magic, mystery and full of a cast of unique Australian characters that change from day to night and with the moods of the seasons.

The Crater of Life follows the diversity of life through the magnificent landscape that has evolved from the lush rainforest, eucalypt forests then following the rivers and wetlands that flow to the sea.

Following Lin Sutherland one of Australia's most passionate wildlife film makers, Crater of Life takes people to the heart of one of Australia's best kept wildlife secrets as she tracks down some of
Australia's most unusual, rare and magnificent animals.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : A Below H20 production

YOP : 2007


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