cutest kittens 1 x 60' 


CUTEST KITTENS is a joyous celebration of kittens of every conceivable kind, from those that swim to the pampered pussies being groomed for photo shoots and public performances.

A litter of four superb British short-hairs is tracked through the programme, starting with the miracle of their birth and returning months later to watch them win a national cat show.

Also featured are the amazing diversity of breeds, a diverse collection of the cutest and cuddliest kittens conceivable.... from the aristocratic and hairy, to the hairless and careless.    The range of kitten behaviour is shown, from kittens displaying natural hunting skills by chasing chickens to kittens playing with mice.  We¹ll watch as kittens develop their natural survival instincts that sees them self-sufficient by the time they¹re
4-months old.

In Hollywood, watch the pampered pussies of the movie stars, being washed, groomed and manicured.

In Australia, follow kittens being spoiled in luxury suites, with their own television sets, while others are given mock weddings by their doting owners in a ceremony attended by dozens of cats and dogs dressed to the nines.

In New Zealand, a glamorous photo shoot is featured, starring kittens that hang delightfully in socks, pose amidst cream bottles, and sit attentively in bubble baths while their images are recorded.

In Florida, we learn how smart kittens can be, as we follow the process of training them to perform amazing tricks, from scrambling upside down along ropes, jumping hoops and chasing rats across a stage.

One star of the programme is Froggy, a partially paralysed kitten the vets recommended be put down.  His owners refused, applying physio-therapy which leads to Froggy¹s miraculous recovery.

CUTEST KITTENS is the definitive documentary on kittens, a quintessential special that shows us everything wonderful from the delightful world of kittens, from their endless energy to their boundless zest for play.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : A Grainger Television production