deep time history ( 3 x 60' )

In this series, we tear down the walls between science and history to reveal how the story of mankind is often driven by events from the deep past. Ancient exploding stars, the clash of continents, the formation of molecules, all secretly shaped the history we thought we knew.

Our civilization and innovations, our voyages and battles, are driven not only by the decisions we make, but by physics, geology, biology, chemistry—by forces that can be too small to see...or so far back in time that the only way to understand their influence is to think in a whole new way.

Episode 1: The Rise Of Civilization
About 8,000 BC, in a few select places some people begin to experiment with a new way of harvesting energy. These are the first seeds, literally, of the rise of civilization.

Episode 2: The Age Of Discovery
Columbus has no idea that because of Earth’s geology and geography he won't get to his destination -- or how that epic failure will make his voyage one of the most influential expeditions in the history of humankind. Let's add an asteroid hitting the earth billions of years ago and connect the dots...

Episode 3: The Industrial Revolution And Modern Warfare
The Industrial Revolution and modern warfare have roots in the depths of time. How do prehistoric forests link to the development of steam engines, and the rise of modern industry?


Episodes: 3

Runtime: 60 mins

Definition: HD

Production Company: Flight 33 production for Curiosity Stream

YOP: 2016

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