desperately seeking paul mccartney 1 x 90' 


In 1965, Ruth Anson was a teenage reporter for ABC TV news in the US, covering the 'teen‐beat.' One of her first interviews was with the Beatles, where she asked a young Paul McCartney if he had any plans for marriage. His response,"Only if you'll marry me." Forty years later, Ruth wonders, "What if I had said 'yes'?"

"Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney" follows Ruth on her journey to reconnect with Paul McCartney. "Help" is provided by an opportunist director whose career has not exactly advanced to its fullest. He sees Ruth's personal quest as a golden opportunity to reach his professional heights, but it's not long before he realizes this 'serious documentary' could just turn into a money‐pit with limited marketability. In the spirit of reality TV, the director has a brainstorm. He manipulates his production to create on‐camera embarrassment for Ruth.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 90 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : A Markman Pictures production

YOP : 2008


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