digits ( 3 X 60' )

In the 36 years since it was invented, the internet has trans- formed every aspect of our lives, revolutionizing communications, culture, business, and social relations. We use it constantly, and we depend upon it, but few of us really under- stand it.

DIGITS, explores the history and impact of the internet: how it works, how it has evolved, the technologies it has spawned, and where it might take us in the next decade. We’ll examine how the internet is changing the way we relate to each other and how we’re forming new kinds of communities online. We’ll look ahead to the coming Internet of Things, a brave new world of connected devices and smart technology.

We’ll learn how the internet harbors threats to our privacy and security, and why the internet itself may be at risk. Internet pioneers will reflect on the creation of this crucial infrastructure, and how they underestimated its influence on our civilization. And with the help of futurists, scientists, and policy- makers, we’ll imagine future scenarios that envision how the internet will continue to change our world.

Episodes: 3

Runtime: 60 mins

Definition: HD

YOP: 2016

Production Company: Partisan Pictures for Curiosity Stream

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