Falafelism - The Politics Of Food In The middle east ( 1 x 60' )


Falafelism takes veteran filmmaker Ari A. Cohen to the far reaches of pita heaven to discover the true potential behind the falafel sandwich, and its role as a gateway to understanding age old conflicts, peaceful co-existence and what everyone’s stomachs are talking about. Falafelism explores the hotly contended disputes over the origins of the falafel between Israelis who claim the savoury snack as its national food and other Arab nations who claim it is has been wrongly appropriated mirroring issues of the larger Middle Eastern conflict. Filmed through the perspective of unforgettable falafel vendors, experts, artists, foodies, and everyday people around the world, Falafelism offers an irresistible platter of Middle Eastern identity that extends far beyond a mutual love for taste buds ablaze with fiery spice!


Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: Rotating Planet

YOP : 2012


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