gibraltar  1 x 60' & 1 x 90'


Gibraltar is a tiny peninsula famous for its big Rock – the Rock of Gibraltar. Despite being found in the south of Spain it is a British territory. Since 1704 Spain has been demanding it belongs to them. The battle between Gibraltar, Spain and Britain is centuries old; for over 300 years Spain have fought for Gibraltar while Gibraltarians have refused, choosing instead to remain with Britain. Gibraltar is the only colony that never wanted to be decolonized. In true Asterix and Obelix style, this tiny people have united to stand against a disproportionately huge power - Spain. The result is an extraordinary story of human will and determination against all odds.

The film follows director Ana Garcia’s journey home to Gibraltar to get married and draws a parallel between the notion of marriage of two people and being married to one’s homeland. Garcia’s grandfather was one of Gibraltar’s leading politicians during its most critical time; when Spanish dictator General Franco closed the border to Gibraltar by land, sea and air, the Gibraltarians were locked on the Rock for 13 years. Families, including Garcia’s, were separated, some chose Spain, most chose the Rock but many were trapped on the wrong side.

“Gibraltar” tells the compelling story of a people’s fight for their homeland. Using personal archive, old newsreels and Garcia’s present day journey back to the Rock, this is an emotional tale of struggle and victory for home and family.

Episodes : 2

Runtime : 1 x 60 mins & 1 x 90 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Revolution Films Production

YOP : 2011


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