human nature ( 4 X 60' )

This series explores the puzzling world of human response: crying, laughing, pain and pleasure. These responses are linked to the brain, of course, but how? By combining intimate stories of individuals with insights from researchers and scientists, the series unravels the mysteries of human reactions giving viewers a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Episode 1 - The Anatomy of Crying
The episode clarifies this basic human response that we so often take for granted.

Episode 2 - The Anatomy of Pain
The episode reveals how much pain people can endure through the compelling stories of three chronic pain sufferers.

Episode 3 - The Anatomy of Laughter
This episode is filled with information and fun.

Episode 4 - The Anatomy of Pleasure
The episode explores this human response by focusing on
the lives of unique individuals and their distinct and sometimes unconventional pleasures.

Episodes: 4

Runtime: 60 mins

Production Company:  Muse Entertainment