The hunt FOr the mad trapper 1 x 60' 


In the summer of 1931, a mysterious man appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the Canadian Arctic. After purchasing supplies in a local village he disappeared into the desolate landscape and spent the rest of the short summer building a cabin and preparing for winter. Six months later, local Aboriginals reported to the RCMP that they believed the mysterious Trapper was vandalizing their trap lines. Several officers were dispatched to the Trapper’s cabin to question him about the complaint. In an attempt to talk to the Trapper one officer knocked on the cabin door and was shot without warning.

One week later a posse of eight RCMP constables returned to the Trapper’s cabin. Despite repeated attempts to dislodge the outlaw using gunfire and dynamite the posse was forced to retreat. The Trapper then fled with little more than the clothes on his back in an effort to elude a posse of more than forty men now pursuing him. For six weeks the RCMP chased the Trapper before finally killing the outlaw in violent gun battle on the frozen Eagle River. Although fingerprints and dental records were taken of the dead fugitive his identity was never determined. In 2007 a team of world-class forensic experts traveled to the Trapper’s grave site. After exhuming the body the team recovers tissue, isotope and DNA samples they hope will help unlock the identity of the mysterious Arctic fugitive known as the “Mad Trapper.”

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A Myth Merchant Films production for Discovery Canada

YOP : 2009


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