hunter gatherer ( 8 X 30' )

This series takes us on a journey through the beautiful scenery of New Zealand with hunter, bow-maker and bush- craftsman Owen Boynton. With the help of local experts who explain the unique attributes of each region, he
unearth’s historical approaches to hunting, fishing and bush- craft practice along the way.

Whatever the weather or conditions from baking sun to snow blizzards, Owen will uncover a unique view of New Zealand from the people that live off the land and seeks to recapture the traditional knowledge and techniques that have been lost in the modern industrialization of the food chain.

Follow Owen as we witness traditional hunting methods and expert survival skills all set against the stunning backdrop of the New Zealand landscape.

Episodes: 8

Runtime: 30 mins

Definition: HD

YOP: 2016

Production Company: AWA Films for Maori Television

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