is your house killing you ? 7 x 30' 


Inspired by "Body Hits" and "Myth Busters", 'Is Your House Killing You?' is a ground breaking, on the pulse, scientific makeover programme. Families are invited to take up the challenge of "detoxing" their homes.

From inner city apartments to country fibros, our expert team swarms, probes and strips back a diverse range of homes with their armoury of diagnostic gadgets, sleuthing and collecting samples, which they take back to the lab for CSI-style investigation.

Some homes are sparkling clean, others are environmental monsters, many look innocent but are lurking with hidden dangers. However great the challenge, our super brainy team, with a sixth sense for toxic menaces will come up with a makeover plan to rid homes of toxic time bombs, providing the viewer with DIY tips along the way.

Episodes : 7

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company : An Essential Media production in Association with Tall Storeez and The South Australian Film Corporation

YOP : 2009


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