jelly ballers ( 13 X 30' )

Jellyfish (aka jelly balls) have been always the bane of a fisherman’s existence: they infiltrate the catch and must be quickly discarded. But 10 years ago, a wealthy Chinese businessman contacted Georgia shrimp fisherman Howell Boone and asked if he could catch jelly balls in large numbers; they are a delicacy in Asia and 98% lean protein. Soon, other local shrimpers took notice and were quick to join the fray.
Jelly balling is now so lucrative that it’s the second largest commercial fishing industry in the southern United States. Over 1 million lbs of jelly balls are pulled from the water each week, and with a price of 7-10 cents per lb, that can mean life changing money and fierce competition.

Episodes: 13

Runtime: 30 mins

Definition: HD

YOP: 2017

Production Company: Hoplite Entertainment

Country of Origin: USA