let them eat surf ( 1 X 30' )

This is the untold story of how a group of maverick surfer drug-smugglers established Europe’s surf scene. In the 1960s and 70s, the Basque region was made for surfers: lax law enforcement, empty waves, endless partying and beautiful women. They lived like rock stars, playing an adrenaline junkie’s game of drug smuggling so they could surf, travel and party. Multi-million dollar dope deals went down every day and a big score could keep them going for months. With exclusive access to one of the wildest surf zones on earth we’ll meet its legendary characters - guys like Micky “Da Cat” Dora who left Malibu to drink fine wine, surf perfect waves and smuggle diamonds in France and Jeff Hakman, a Hawaiian big wave charger who - whilst struggling with a heroin addiction - built the Quiksilver surf empire.

Episodes: 1

Runtime: 30 mins

Definition: HD

YOP: 2016

Production Company: Victor Charlie Productions

Country of Origin: USA

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