life in weightlessness ( 1 X 60' )


Every year the European Space Agency organises a series of flights in order to carry out experiments in weightless conditions. In space, the effects of weightlessness always seem so graceful, but to recreate them without venturing far from the Earth requires methods which are frankly brutal. It means first flying straight up towards the sky, before cutting the plane's engines and then dropping back to Earth in free-fall. And so each year scientists take their places on board an Airbus which has been metamorphosed into a free-fall laboratory, ready to put themselves through this gruelling experience. In this way only can they gain a new understanding of the properties of gravity, the fundamental force which acts on every animate or inanimate body in the Universe.
"Life in Weightlessness" will follow a group of young scientists throughout the whole of the project. The programme will examine the particular nature of the research which is carried out in this context, the characteristics of this type of flight, and all the dimensions of the exceptional state of weightlessness.


Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: An Altomedia Production for ARTE

YOP : 2005