living with polar bears 1 x 60' 


Living With Polar Bears offers awe-inspiring stories from Arctic photographers, park rangers and residents. These tales culminate to paint a vivid portrait of how Man and the ice bear are learning to survive and thrive harmoniously in a changing environment. Some encounters are inspirational. Others are outright frightening. Sonny Voyce knows the power of polar bears. A giant bear tracked him down and clamped its jaw around his head. John Bykerk almost met the same fate. A hungry bear became trapped in the back of his garbage truck. They’re just some of the frightening encoun- ters featured in Living With Polar Bears.

Right across the Arctic, residents are on the alert. Bears have killed many humans. Special patrols have been set up to frighten them off. With their habitat diminishing, attacks are on the rise as hungry bears scavenge for food in Arctic towns. Living With Polar Bears features every aspect of polar bear behaviour. Photographer Danny Zatz and his family have seen the friendly side of the polar bears as they have co-existed with the majestic beasts for ten years on the tundra in harmony. Stewart Webber also has close encounters as polar bears frolic around the summer flowers surrounding Nanuk Lodge in Hudson Bay. But as the Earth gets warmer and its population increases, how much will these natural predators be affected and how much can a polar bear bear?

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60

Definition : HD

Production Company: A Grainger Production

YOP : 2008


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