Fat & Back 1 x 60' & 1 x 90' 


Paul ‘PJ’ James has never been fat. As a successful international fitness and underwear model, as well as a personal trainer, he trains daily to stay in shape and always strives to help his clients achieve great results.

One of PJ’s struggling obese clients dares PJ to live like him so he can get a feel for just how hard it is to lose weight. Seeing the value in walking a mile in their shoes, that is what he decides to do. PJ aims to gain 40 kg, then lose the weight — a full 12-month journey to Fat and Back. To add to the challenge, PJ decides to work with an overweight person on the way back (Michelle), someone who has struggled with their weight their entire life. What he thought would be a straightforward experiment however, quickly becomes the challenge of his life. After gaining weight quickly, depression sets in. Will he make it to 120kg with his mental health intact?

Emotions run high, truths are faced and dramatic lessons are learned. Leading obesity experts discuss some of the key and factors that are contributing to the continual growth of the obesity epidemic, from evolutionary factors, to the changing food environment, to the science of over-eating and the addictive nature of junk food, as they help to describe some of the things that PJ and millions of others around the world are experiencing, as PJ seeks to achieve what no other trainer has done before him.

Episodes : 2

Runtime : 1 x 60' & 1 x 90' 

Definition : HD

Production Company :  A Triple4Films production