master of disaster ( 13 x 60' )

Each year extreme weather disasters cripple the American south. When your life and home have been destroyed you need Help. You need a Hero. You need the Master of Disaster.

A flood, fire, hurricane, tornado or fallen tree can instantly destroy a home and wreak havoc on the lives of the unsuspecting inhabitants. Regardless of these circumstances Master of Disaster, Luke Smith, and his dream team of home restoration experts at Black Dawg Restoration, will not only rebuild the structure, they’ll restore the lives of the victims. Oftentimes without ever being paid.

Each episode will feature the Black Dawg disaster relief crews and the families who have had their lives upended. We'll meet team members like Janet, the mistress of fire, who rules her crew with an iron fist, cleaning and restoring fire riddled homes to their once pristine state. David, the do-gooder ex-con will team up with Harris, the bosses son to dry up any and all under water wickedness. And Jesus who is driven to crawl through small spaces to seek and destroy the deadly house demon, mold. Home restoration is no easy task, so when the going gets rough this crew knows how to have some fun...they blow stuff up!


Episodes: 13

Runtime: 60 mins

Definition: HD/4K

Production Company: Hoplite Entertainment

YOP: 2016

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