mega wheel 1 x 60' 


Imagine a ride on the first observation wheel constructed using third generation engineering technology.

Imagine no more. The construction of a mega-observation wheel on a scale the world has never seen has begun. Soaring to a height of 557 feet (170 metres), the Singapore Flyer reaches 114 feet (35 metres) higher than the London Eye. Yet it is 30% lighter than the latter. The US$140 million Singapore Flyer will be a technologically advanced engineering-and-design marvel. It is a stunning example of how rapidly advancing technology is allowing engineers to build bigger and taller at a breakneck pace.

In a dramatic, character-driven fashion, "Megawheel" follows an international team of specialists, engineers and designers as they face incredible engineering challenges and a race against time to design, construct and erect the gargantuan wheel smack in the middle of Singapore's busy central business district.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Film Formations production

YOP : 2008


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