miracle on everest 1 x 60' 


In a season of death on Mount Everest, the story of Lincoln Hall's resurrection has captivated the planet. His simple story of survival thanks to the kindness of a stranger has touched the hearts of a world hungry for heroes.

In 2006 a record numbers of climbers took advantage of clear weather and attempted to reach the summit. Among their number was Lincoln Hall, an experienced climber who had failed to reach the peak 22 years earlier. This time, Hall made it to the top, but shortly afterwards began to behave irrationally, and collapsed. He was declared dead, his family was informed and the news hit the headlines. But later that night, something happened which scientists cannot explain. Hall was found alive, sitting cross legged on the mountainside.

With never before seen footage, exclusive interviews and amazing reconstruction, Miracle on Everest is one of the great survival stories.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : An Essential Media & Entertainment Production

YOP : 2009


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