mongolian eagle 1 x 60' 


Born out of the warrior tradition of Japan, sumo wrestling has been a spiritual and
One Hour Documentary
cultural phenomenon for hundred of years.    Until this day, it has remained a mystery to the outside world. Journey into the private life of Kyokushuzan, one of the world’s top sumo wrestlers and ex-patriot son of Mongolia. He sees himself as an eagle, swift and merciless in his pursuit of the dream: fame, fortune and the promise of his passage to Bushido, The Way of the Warrior.

Kyokushuzan is known as a rebel in the sumo community, he’s a foreigner, a stranger in a strange land. His story unfolds as we follow him into places that the established Sumo Association would sometimes rather outsiders not go. Through witty banter, fast cuts and exciting sporting action, The Mongolian Eagle becomes more than just a cultural documentary, it is a provocative glimpse into a shrouded world and a thrilling guest for glory in the ring. Inter-cut with stunning visuals of the Mongolian landscape and the rush of Japan,
we experience firsthand the difficult transitions that these ancient cultures are going through on their way to modernity. Join us for passage into a world you have yet to experience but will never forget - and cheer along a man whose passion for his sport pushes him to overcome the greatest odds.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : SD

Production Company: A Redwolf Production.

YOP : 2004


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