neuromarketing - citizens under the influence? ( 1 X 60' )


Our brain, marketers’ favorite target, seems threatened with a decoding always more effective. Because the market studies do not guarantee the success of a product, marketers now turn to neurosciences. Confessed objective: decoding the subconscious part of our brain to know our desires better. By using techniques as the magnetic resonance imaging, they try to identify advertisements and products which seduce and displease us. Is neuromarketing a real manipulation threat or a slightly hazy selling point of marketing? Even if the debate is not settled, neuromarketing needs to remain under surveillance. Because, some of the neurosciences applications, if badly used, could deal a new blow to personal freedoms. From France to the USA, via Italy and the United Kingdom, the film examines this new avatar of consumer society.


Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : An Altomedia Production in Association with Canal+ and CNC

YOP : 2009