who lived in my house ? ( 18 x 30' ) 


Who was murdered in our basement, who made love in the back bedroom and who hid under the stairs during the Civil War? How many children were born here and who did they become? The reason most people like historic buildings isn't just because of their architecture, which can be replicated, it's knowing that others preceded us, and that lifetimes occurred in our homes. ‘Who Lived in my House?’ sets out to unlock the real stories hidden in our walls.

Veteran traveller and broadcaster, Manchán Magan will take us on another fascinating journey into the history of our houses. With the help of the experts, he will examine the existing architectural evidence of our houses, speak to neighbours, family members, local historians, and delve into the National Archives, local libraries and Registry of Deeds to discover the colourful characters of the past who kept their front door key under the mat of the same front step over a century ago.

Episodes : 18

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A Tile Films Ltd. production in association with TG4 and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

YOP : 2015


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