first flower 1 x 60' 


In a story blooming with beauty and scientific mystery, this program explores the incredible truth that lies behind the ravishing flowers we so love to behold: that humans could not have existed or evolved without them. "First Flower" probes the controversial discovery of Archaefructus, a Chinese fossil scientists believe is the earliest evidence of a flower yet found on Earth. Following the trail of clues to the fossil's origins, a vivid journey takes NOVA's cameras deep into the lush wilds of China, giving audiences a view into a spectacular living safety deposit box, where some of the world's most beloved flowers originated. In the 19th century, Charles Darwin himself called the dazzling variety of flowers "an abominable mystery," and the puzzle of how flowers came to make up 95 percent of all plants on Earth continues today.

In "First Flower", an intrepid group of botanists and paleobotanists reveal how that "abominable mystery" is starting to move towards a solution. It all begins in remote northern China, where amidst the country's rich, volcanic conditions for fossil-finding, Professor Sun Ge and his team first unearth the Archaefructus fossil from an ancient lake in a region where dinosaurs once roamed. Sun Ge brings his amazing find to paleobotanist David Dilcher at the University of Florida, who has been hunting for a fossil like this his entire life.

The story told in "First Flower" is just the beginning. As the study of ancient fossils, rare living plants, and previously unexplored genetic structures continues, there are certain to be new revelations
behind the secrets of flowers' overwhelming success.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Bang production for NOVA and ARTE

YOP : 2007


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