the jesus guy 1 x 60' 


He looks like Jesus Christ. And preaches like St. Francis of Assisi. Some say he’s “a kook.” Others, “a blessing from God.” Barefoot, and clad in a white robe, he’s walked through 47 states [and 13 countries] on a 16-year mission that’s captured media attention from 20/20, Time and the Wall Street Journal. Yet who is this solitary figure who inspires faith – and attracts controversy?

The Jesus Guy covers the mystical journey of America’s “Barefoot Evangelist.” In a nation that worships money, he’s penniless. In a culture that idolizes celebrities, he’s forsaken his identity. Now, on a spiritual quest even he doesn’t fully understand, his faith – and your own – will be tested every step of the way. With the intimacy of single-camera filmmaking, Director Sean Tracey allows us to walk in “e Jesus Guy’s” steps as he encounters both skeptics and believers, changing them...for better, for worse, forever.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Sean Tracey production

YOP : 2007


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