6k ( 8 X 30' )

There is nothing more stressful than travel. Maybe travelling with family. But imagine if you couldn’t even chose the location or what you do when you get there. Throw in a healthy dose of brotherly competition heightened by remote and rediculous challenges and the stage is set for misadventure. The rules are simple. The VOS brothers get given 6k that they can spend abroad any way they like. Their challenge is to create the ultimate itinerary for the most popular travel styles, for two travellers - all for under 6k. From the hotels to local home stays. From rugged landscapes to the hippest new nightlife. The brothers will reveal the real characters, delicacies and rituals that make these people and places so unique. Along the way they will complete challenges from each other and the audience, keeping the action fast paced and unrelenting. At the end of each episode the audience will vote, share and comment on who had the best itinerary and who they would prefer to travel with.

Genre: Travel Series

Directed by:  Michael Lawrence

Produced by:  Michael Lawrence, Shaylee Gomes

Production company: Garage Entertainment

Starring: Shannon and Simon Vos



Episodes: 8

Runtime: 30 mins

Definition: HD

YOP: 2017

Genre: Travel Series

Director: Michael Lawrence

Producer: Michael Lawrence, Shaylee Gomes

Production Company: Garage Entertainment

Starring: Shannon and Simon Vos