plane ressurection 6 x 60' 


Over six fascinating hours Plane Resurrection takes viewers into the cockpits of the worlds greatest restored fighting aircraft, and into the astonishing lives of the modern day heroes who are dedicating themselves to bringing these engineering masterpieces back to life.

The series combines stunning aerial footage with the gritty realism of the dedication and ingenuity needed to breathe new life into the wrecks of battle. Each episode documents the ‘life story’ of an airframe, its history and pilots, through the eyes of the warbird community charged with bringing history back to flying, fire breathing life.

Rare archive footage of the brutal reality of aerial warfare mixes with expert analysis of the role these aircraft played. Behind the scenes sequences from the multi-million dollar modern rebuilds gives the viewer unique access to the engineers and volunteers facing the almost impossible task of building and flying aircraft that have lain dormant for half a century.

Episodes : 6

Runtime : 60mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Nik Coleman Television Production

YOP : 2015


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