quirky science 13 x 30' 


For most, science is about discoveries by PhDs in lab coats. But do we ever think or imagine that to get to where we are today, science sometimes has taken very quirky directions?

This is a series that explores just exactly where science went awry and led to new discoveries and inventions.

For example, how did trying to find a cure for malaria lead to air conditioning? What did the development of radar have to do with the microwave oven? Or what does surviving a nuclear war have to do with the Internet?

Each episode shows the viewers that even though some past moments in science may seem crazy to us today - they made perfect sense at the time – and vice versa! It also shows how these moments led to either a breakthrough in understanding or a new product, which ultimately turned out to be something we enjoy and perhaps take for granted today.

Episodes : 13

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Film Formations production in association with the Science Centre and Media Development Authority of Singapore

YOP : 2011


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