rhino planet 24 x 5'


The world's rhinos are in trouble and wildlife television presenter Bonné de Bod is on a quest to find out why and more importantly, what's being done. Join her on this so very important journey as she meets with those at the coalface of the rhino poaching crisis.

Each episode of 'Rhino Planet' looks at a hero on the front lines, stories include the use of technology in order to prevent a species' extinction: vets who now have to develop techniques for facial reconstruction on living survivors after poachers have brutally massacred rhinos digging through skin and nasal cavities for their horns; scientists testing new drug combinations for the many immobilizations that rhinos face due to being moved to safety or being operated on from bullet wounds or a dehorning procedure; orphan rehabilitators who care for the rhino calves who have lost their mothers, he geneticist who has DNA mapped 15,000 rhinos to convict suspects on fragments of horn in shopping bags. All those who are desperately trying to stop the wholesale slaughter of rhinos in South Africa, help Bonné understand what it is they are doing and how it might just make a difference to the remaining rhinos on our planet.

Episodes : 24

Runtime : 5 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A ScotdeBod Films Production

YOP : 2014 - 2015


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