rivers of our time 6 x 30' 


Rivers of our Time show the majesty, the industry and the mysticism of the great rivers of Asia. Meet the people that live around, and depend on the rivers. Understand their delicate and complex relationship with the river, a balance that can be upset by climate change and over-population. Learn about the ancient myths and about great art and poetry inspired by the rivers.

Rivers have often been forgotten highways of commerce and culture in early civilization. Early settlers have sought refuge along the banks of rivers from the open seas and built their homes before roads were constructed and jungles cleared. Today, rivers in Asia are still important waterways for transportation, trading, natural resources and tourism, supporting tens of millions of livelihoods. Many generations of families have never left the rivers. The episodes will provide a glimpse of recent activities along the rivers, focusing both on traditional and new trades.

For countries in Asia, the rivers have not only sustained the material survival of residents but provided spiritual foundations of the Asian countries.The rivers could be considered positive or negative forces so festivals and rituals are observed to appease the gods and spirits that dwell in them. Each episode of Rivers of Our Time explores the relationship between the river, the life of its people, the culture surrounding them and their river festivals.

Episodes : 6

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : An Oak3 Films production for Channel News Asia

YOP : 2009


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