road cops 30 x 30' 


‘ROAD COPS’ is a reality series packed with motoring mayhem and unlawful misadventures on New Zealand’s Highways, Byways and Expressways.

With a high-octane mixture of action, emotion and the down- right bizarre, the series promises not to be short on offending drives. Road rage, badly behaving drunk drivers, car crashes, speeding motorists, drivers on their mobile phones and boy racers trying desperately to keep their dodgy cars on the road are just some of the stories captured on camera.

We see the dedicated Road Cops officers in many unsavoury situations including being diverted to a party that spills out onto the street, carrying out drug busts, tracking down a fail to stop motorcycle offender , as well as working out what to do when one truckie dumps human waste all over the road while another rolls his truck with a potentially explosive load spilling on to the expressway.

Every stop is unique and our Road Cops find themselves in challenging situations that require experience, quick thinking and skill to negotiate.

Episodes : 30

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Starfish Production for TV3 New Zealand

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