Roar of the wild 13 x 30'


From the tops of mountains to the depths of the sea, host and adventurer Lin Sutherland takes viewers to some of the most spectacular scenic areas around the world...unfolding the secrets of the natural world. We take in intimate look at a variety of unique and colorful wildlife, focusing on the often unusual social and interactive behaviors as well as the maintenance and survival of species in a changing world.

Traveling around the world, diving in remote locations, unfolding rare historical stories, working in native communities, and learning the truth of some wonderful and tragic tales, Roar of the Wild will take you on an amazing adventure.

From underwater adventures at the Great Barrier Reef to the vast African wildlife preserves, this series is not to be missed.

Episodes : 13

Runtime : 30 mins

Defintion : SD

Production Company : A Below H20 production


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