samurai OF fukushima 1 x 60' 


The Soma Nomaoi is a Japanese festival that inherits Samurai spirits from more than 1,000 years ago. This heritage event held at the Soma region in Fukushima Prefecture, over 3 days, involves 600 mounted Samurai in traditional Japanese armor, with long swords at their side and ancestral flagstaff streaming from their backs as they ride across open fields. It is a recreation of a medieval battlefield, having originated from military exercises held by samurai warriors.

However, since the Great Eastern Earthquake rocked Japan on March 11, 2011, this centuries old tradition is at risk of being aban- doned due to the radiation at Fukushima. Samurai of Fukushima follows five modern-day Samurai all affected by the disaster of 2011. Hailing from real Samurai families steeped in history and tradition they are resistant towards abandoning the Soma Nomaoi festival as well as the homeland that their ancestors have kept alive for millennia.

For the time being, the decision to hold the Soma Nomaoi festival one year after the disaster and the decision to participate is a tough one for the Samurai of Fukushima. As the Samurai defy radiation warnings and risk their lives to maintain this historical event, what will be the legacy they hope to continue despite a bleak future that involves relocating? Many see it as a symbolic first step to recovery, with the hope that it will lift the spirits of the disaster stricken commu- nity and inspire the younger generation. Samurai of Fukushima shows the world the unshakable nature of Japanese culture through the courage and valour of one of the world's oldest warrior clan.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A K&Y production for AETN All Asia Network

YOP : 2012


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