secret tribes 8 x 30'


They speak in their own language, practice unique rituals and follow strict laws. They share common values and are driven by a unified goal. These are the common characteristics of tribes throughout history.

However, tribes have evolved and they continue to exist today. These tribes can be found where you least expect it. From the neon lights of Kuala Lumpur, the snowcapped peaks of Ulaan Baatar to the prisons of Manila, host Ezra Zaid discovers new modern day tribes in Asia.

Ezra infiltrates urban subcultures in Asia to get unique insights into current issues surrounding each city. These urban tribes offer viewers a different perspective on the challenges that are faced by the residents of each city. From illegal street racers in Kuala Lumpur, body collectors in Bangkok to dancing inmates in Manila, Ezra will do whatever it takes to get in.

Episodes : 8

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Dos Fellas production for Channel News Asia

YOP : 2014


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