seeing science ( 18 x 5' )

A series of visually spectacular shorts shows the frontline discoveries in all fields of science and the people who have helped make them happen.

Episodes include:

Achitects of Gold
Gold nanoparticles can be used to help cure diseases like cancer, thanks to researchers that may someday make gold really gets to earn the money we paid for it.

The Chemistry of Light
Chemistry and light come together to offer a hopeful horizon. Environmentally friendly and energy saving are the main bastions of photocatalysis.

The Balance of Life
A journey inside our cells through educational metaphors to show the importance of balance between oxidation and reduc- tion. Molecular mechanisms key to understanding many diseases and even our own aging.

Messengers of the Wind
Pollen carried by the wind is not only responsible for many allergies, also serves to predict future harvests and even to anticipate climate change.

Episodes: 32

Runtime: 60 mins

Definition: HD

Production Company:  Alberto Villa Redindo

YOP: 2013-2016

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