sex scandals in religion 2 x 60' 


“I said to them, in the Name of God, how can you do this? And they said, We are the messengers of God, not you.” 

Neda, Iranian rape victim, December 2010.

The mind can’t help but think of Catholic priests when it comes to sex abuse. That’s understandable with all the media coverage, but it’s not the whole story. The epidemic of religiously fueled sexploitation is not restricted to any one faith, and any one God. In fact, God-approved sexual assault is as old as religion.

Sex Scandals in Religion explores sexual predation by Men of God. In a tour of the world’s largest faiths, Islam, Judaism, Evangelical Christianity and Buddhism, we document the seduction of the young, the exploitation of who yearn for guidance, the corruption of the lost, and the horror of religious rape for political ends.

These are tales of the Holy Word twisted by venal men for the satisfaction of base desires. They’ll have their victims at any cost, using money, persuasion, power, and ultimately, their own twisted version of God’s approval, to justify their deeds.

Episodes : 2

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A Cogent/Benger production for Vision TV

YOP : 2011


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