silent screams 4 x 60' 


Silent Screams is an eye-opening and emotional series that tells the stories of women who have experienced violence and abuse – from psychological, sexual and violent abuse in the home, to so-called ‘honour killings’ to horribly scarring acid attacks. It reveals the true impact of violence against women on the victims themselves, their families, their children and even the perpetrators who commit these crimes. These revealing and impactful documentaries will make you look at violence against women in a whole new light.

The series also looks at examples of where a new social contract is being forged for women and by women, to try and change the damaging traditional attitudes that often prevail. In some of the countries where these stories play out, such violence and abuse is barely considered a crime. Silent Screams follows some of the brave individuals who are making a difference, showing the impact of protests, activism, the Internet and the powerful testimonies of women who survive these ordeals.

Episodes : 4

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company : A MAKE production for Channel News Asia

YOP : 2013


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