space mistakes ( 6 x 30' )


Amazing behind-the-scenes stories of NASA catastrophes and near misses, many unknown to the public. Relive the harrowing moments in Launch Control during NASA's historic "Return to Flight" as a massive pressure build up inside the Space Shuttle sent engineers and NASA brass scrambling to avoid another space shuttle loss. Discover why a high priority science mission using the most delicate atomic collection technology ended in a 8 foot deep crater in the desert after its parachute failed to deploy - forcing NASA scientists to recover thousands of fragments with tweezers from the desert sand!

The science of exploration is imperfect - sometimes NASA must learn the hard way: Incorrect metric conversions, reverse installations, deadly chemical spills, material substitutions and a near miss that could have resulted in a massive rocket fuel explosion that could have wiped out a small town - and almost did! With each failure NASA refines and advances space flight to go further and explore deeper into the unknown.


Episodes : 6

Runtime : 30 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: Fusion Productions

YOP : 2016


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