Sumatra's Last tigers 1 x 60' 


While tiger populations around the world are crashing due to poaching and deforestation, tiger numbers in a remote nature reserve in Sumatra, Indonesia are increasing. The man behind this unique conservation project is Indonesian tycoon, Tomy Winata.

Tomy protects an area almost three quarters the size of Singapore by initially taking out all the illegal settlers from the area. He also has his own private armed rangers to patrol the area to keep the tiger’s most deadly enemy, humans at bay.

At the Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation area, Tomy also runs a program to adopt ‘conflict tigers’ or suspected man killers. Under his care, the tigers undergo ‘rehabilitation’ and once they are deemed fit, they are released back into the wild. One of Tomy’s previously successful tiger releases – a female named Panti, voluntarily returned to the rehabilitation centre after thirteen months with a wounded paw. While she was being treated, Panti unexpectedly gave birth to three male cubs.

Now after three years in captivity, Panti and her cubs are being assessed if they are fit to be released. But what are the conditions of the forest in Tambling? With Tomy’s conservation team, we discover more about the resident tigers of Tambling.

Episodes : 1

Runtime : 60 mins

Definition : HD

Production Company: A Novista production for
Channel News Asia

YOP : 2015


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