testimony of a thread ( 1 X 60' )

In this globalizing world, international conglomerates are seeking more and cheaper labour every day, Bangladesh became the 2nd largest provider of world clothing, which is led by China. In only 4 decades, it has become a 25 Billion US$ export industry, directly engaging 4 million workers, mostly women. Now, these corporations are targeting to hit 50 Billion US$ by 2021. That will mean that they need more laborers at a cheaper price! ‘Testimony of a Thread’ explores the connecting worlds of hope and despair around this industry lately marked for man-made catastrophes like Savar Building Tragedy (2013), considered as the deadliest garment-factory accident in history and deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history'.

Episodes: 1

Runtime: 60 mins

Definition: HD

YOP: 2015

Production Company: TAP Winner 2013